This cosplay of Ranni from Elden Ring has us hoping for a DLC!

Brilliant cosplay from Mass Effect brings Liara T'Soni to life

With the release of Elden ring Last year, From Software launched a title that continues to be one of the developer’s most popular games. The Soulslike was able to record immense success both in the ratings and in the sales figures. No wonder, then, that a large DLC stands in the room. While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, fans shouldn’t be too surprised if they see this exact confirmation in the near future. In the meantime, the cosplay community keeps reminding us of the intriguing, superbly designed characters from the popular title. Projects on Malenia and Ranni in particular are and have been a topic of conversation on Reddit and Co.

Fantastic cosplay of Ranni from Elden Ring

A current cosplay of Ranni, which was recently shared in the corresponding subreddit, also falls into this category.

After all, the user “yumewaifu17” understood how to authentically implement the blue and white design of the figure. First of all, not only the make-up but also the detailed costume catches the eye. Hat and robe look just as suitable as the long hair of the figure. that the witch does not have two hands, but four.The cosplayer also solves this brilliantly and thus ensures a coherent overall picture.

“yumewaifu17” has already tackled a project on Malenia in the past, in addition to numerous other adaptations of popular characters. The high quality of their work is therefore not surprising.

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