This Switch Remaster Disappoints Fans – Dev Team Apologizes

Tales of Symphonia is causing problems on PC.

Was on the Gamecube Tales of Symphony a bright spot for fans of Japanese role-playing games. While the Playstation 2 had a wide range of JRPGs with Final Fantasy and Co., Nintendo’s purple cube was not necessarily known for a large number of good role-playing games. Nevertheless, the Tales of title was an absolute highlight for the console at the time and is still considered an absolute classic today. Accordingly, fans were euphoric about the news that Tales of Symphonia would receive a remaster.

Disappointing remaster

It’s just a pity that the new version for the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation 4 came onto the market with numerous problems. In addition to long loading times, Kotaku emphasizes problems with the textures or the fact that the frame rate has deteriorated. While about the original on the Gamecube with 60fps was playable, the player base on the switch and the PS4 must be at maximum 30FPS content

All of this is causing displeasure among fans, to which Bandai Namco has already responded. A Twitter thread called “Apologies and Information” acknowledges that the current product has problems. Although they say they want to improve the title, they don’t really go into detail for the time being. All in all one seems to get along with Tales of Symphonia (buy now€16.99 ) Remastered, at least according to the current status, by no means to have done a favor. It remains to be seen whether the game’s problems will be resolved.

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