When you think there’s nothing more to come… an FFXV mobile game is coming from somewhere

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I’m a self-confessed fan of Final Fantasy 15, and since this installment in the well-known JRPG series has had its fair share of successes, I understand that the cow was milked where it went and where it stood. But then Final Fantasy 15 wasn’t that successful after all. After some released DLCs, which, by the way, told stories that were brutally cut out of the main game … oh, what am I saying, butchered, the decision was made to scrap the promised mini expansions. Instead, the stories yet to be told were quickly packed into a “What if” novel. In other words: the topic was eventually over. And Final Fantasy 7 Remake was the prettier cousin of the game series anyway.

And yet Final Fantasy 15 (buy now ) something about it that now, almost seven years after the release, the people at Square Enix still think that a mobile game should be released. I shall casually omit at this point, that there is said to be another mobile MMO set in the Final Fantasy 15 universe. No, right now I’m talking about the mobile game Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos. That is, as the people at JPGames noticedswitched from the soft launch to a worldwide release and can now be downloaded free of charge. Spoiler: Expect little more than a State of Survival skinned to FFXV. With fewer zombies, of course. And more pudding.

Hey, haven’t I played that before?

Yes, at one point I downloaded State of Survival out of sheer boredom and clicked through the start for five minutes and then pretty quickly threw the thing off my phone. I found it absurd that the resources I gather during my struggle to survive in the zombie apocalypse are tomatoes and planks. Well, in Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos, it’s apples and rocks. That’s what I call innovation! For that… State of Survival offers a landscape mode, yeah!

The assets in my base don’t look very much like Final Fantasy 15. [Quelle: buffed]

sarcasm off.

At the end of the day, War for Eos is one of those games that I absolutely can’t stand, despite all the patience I have with the browser game Shakes & Fidget. You upgrade buildings. You fight a few enemies without really having any impact on those fights. You watch some clumsy dialogues. And anyone who knows the Chocobro synergies between Noctis, Prompto, Gladio and Ignis knows that the dialogue can be very clumsy. Better yet, characters like Ravus, Lunafreya, and Cor are also coming to War for Eos. Ravus ponders the failings of Noctis’ father Regis with snide remarks. Prompto hunts chocobos. Cor is quite the king’s loyal marshal. Everything seems fake, a bit stupid, a bit serious, and, at least for me, it’s not fun. Anyone mobile in the world of If you want to immerse yourself in Final Fantasy XV, you’d rather play the Pocket Edition.

Hey, haven’t I played that before – really?!

I don’t know if telling an alternative story as part of War for Eos is supposed to be a plus point for the game, because I assume it’s just to cover up the obvious: that FFXV is based on a well-known and not very great browser game concept was applauded. I don’t want to offend anyone! There’s the type of gamer who likes build-up “roller” idle games like this, and I wouldn’t deny people their enjoyment. I don’t like War for Eos and… it also reminds me of another strategy game that was forced to be called Final Fantasy 15.

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It’s about Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire, which by the way comes from the same game company called Machine Zone. And now nothing surprises me anymore. A New Empire doesn’t offer much more than the base building part, which War for Eos still puts into something like an RPG campaign. But at the end of the day, War for Eos is quite similar to A New Empire’s gameplay, it also looks similar and, to me, is a bit of a shame for the Final Fantasy 15 name as well. As mentioned before, yes, I’m a fan. But not so big that I can get used to games unrelated to the original.