Windows 11: Upgrade request was also distributed to unsuitable PCs

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from Valentin Sattler
In the last few days, Microsoft has been pushing for an upgrade to Windows 11 even if the hardware of the system used is not sufficient for it. However, the problem has now been resolved.

Users should be familiar with upgrade requests for a newer version of Windows by now. After all, Microsoft keeps trying to urge users of older operating systems to update. A problem arose recently that is particularly annoying: Apparently, some users were recently asked to update to Windows 11 whose hardware does not support the new operating system at all.

Upgrade prompt of no use

According to the appropriate Error description from Microsoft some users with Windows 10 and Windows 11 were offered the said upgrade to the current version of Windows 11, even though they do not support the corresponding system requirements. Systems with Windows 10 Version 22H2, 21H2 and 20H2 as well as Windows 11 21H2 were specifically affected.

When an affected user was presented with the upgrade prompt, they were able to begin the upgrade but were unable to complete the upgrade due to unmet system requirements. Anyone who complied with the upgrade request was immediately disappointed and sent back to their old operating system. After all: Microsoft apparently reacted quickly and fixed the error. A patch was reportedly deployed the same day it was discovered, so the problem is history.

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Anyone who is being urged to update to Windows 11 from now on can at least assume that their own hardware is actually sufficient for this. Incidentally, if this is not the case, Windows 11 can also be used – not all requirements actually have to be met for a manual installation. Recently, however, Microsoft has become a bit more unpleasant here: An ugly watermark is now displayed on corresponding systems.

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Source: via Tom’s hardware