WoW Patch 10.0.7: New tasks for the Tuskarr Communal Feast

WoW Patch 10.0.7: Forbidden Island meta-achievement rewards you with title (1)

from Sarah Petzold
The Tuskarr Communal Feast is one of the special endgame events in WoW Dragonflight, through which players can obtain various useful loot. When Patch 10.0.7 is released, the developers will add a few new tasks to this event.

Good news for all of you who regularly take part in the Tuskarr Communal Feast in iskaara: After the developers have made several minor improvements to the event in the past, patch 10.0.7 will add new tasks. The Great cinema ok so in the future you will no longer just throw fish and meat into the soup and keep voracious wild animals away from the pot, but also has other jobs for you.

Big Kinook sends you on a shopping spree in Iskaara

Apparently he thinks that the stew could use a little more bite, because he specifically sends you on a shopping spree at various merchants in Iskaara. Your task is to get certain ingredients from various tuskarr in the settlement. On the test server, this currently works in such a way that you receive an indication of where the dealer is located. If you approach the dealer, it will be marked with a small, yellow exclamation mark.

The ingredients that you should buy only cost small amounts of silver. It is about cod liver oil or special cakes. Vendors usually only sell these ingredients while the Community Feast event is active. In general, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the required items and throwing them into the pot.

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