WoW Subscription Status: Canceled with Shadowlands, Reactivated with Dragonflight?

WoW Patch 10.0.7: New quests for the Tuskarr Communal Feast (1)

The almost two-year duration of Shadowlands was difficult for the online role-playing game World of Warcraft and for the developer studio Blizzard Entertainment for several reasons. The expansion was released in November 2020, a year in which the global corona pandemic presented many companies and large corporations with unforeseen challenges. Suddenly those responsible had to ensure that jobs in which it was possible could be worked online. The possibility of working from home was a foreign concept for many companies or an exotic concept that was only used in exceptional cases.

But then everyone should please stay at home and ensure that the pandemic becomes an endemic as quickly as possible. Today, the coronavirus pandemic is still not defeated, even if many people wish it was. After all, one of the positive side effects was that infrastructures were set up in such a way that many more people can now work remotely. That it’s beginning too Blizzard’s remote plans initially tweaked and tugged, we know that, and the developers still managed to launch Shadowlands. Now tweaks and tugs again, by the way, but that’s another topic.