You told us your favorite multiplayer genres – one in particular stands out

You told us your favorite multiplayer genres - one in particular stands out

In a survey on MeinMMO we wanted to know from you which multiplayer genres you play the most. We summarize the answers for you.

If you want to be online with friends or many players, you first have to decide on a genre. Do you prefer an MMORPG, an action RPG or a shooter? We let you vote on it in a poll at the beginning of February 2023.

These are the results: Since then, 2,131 people have taken part in the survey. Everyone could give up to 3 votes for their favorite genres – there were 4,086 votes in total.

There were 13 different genres to choose from, as well as the “Another” option. You cannot undo the choice.

  • 14th place: Asymmetric Games (Dead by Daylight, Ghostbusters) – 0.69%
  • 13th place: Sports games (FIFA, NBA) – 1.37%
  • 12th place: Simulations (MS Flight Simulator, Farming Sim) – 1.52%
  • 11th place: Battle Royale (Fortnite, Naraka: Bladepoint) – 2.67%
  • Place 10: Racing Games (Forza, Gran Turismo) – 2.72%
  • 9th place: MOBAs (LoL, Dota 2) – 3.21%
  • 8th place: Another – 3.55%
  • 7th place: Strategy games (Total War, Crusader Kings) – 4.41%
  • Rank 6: Action Games (GTA V, Monster Hunter) – 4.89%
  • 5th place: Survival Games (ARK, Valheim) – 7.86%
  • 4th place: Classic shooters (CoD, Battlefield) – 10.06%

We will introduce you to the first 3 places in more detail.

3rd place: Action RPGs

Diablo 4: The World of Sanctuary in video with enemies and huge bosses

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  • Result: 11.67% with 477 votes

Action RPGs came third in the voting. Also known as “Hack’nSlays”, these are games that focus on fighting. Typical representatives of the genre are the Diablo series, Genshin Impact and Path of Exile.

The multiplayer is there, but you are not in a world with many other players like in MMORPGs. In Genshin Impact, for example, you are alone in your world until you unlock multiplayer – then you can invite up to 3 other players.

2nd place: Loot shooter

New Destiny 2 gameplay: Lightfall takes you to spectacular heights – “Guardians were made for this moment”

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  • Result: 13.66% with 558 votes

The loot shooters made it to second place. It’s all about loot here. Opponents usually drop numerous items that you collect and let your character get better and better. You can also often open boxes in which even more loot is hidden.

Although loot shooters like Destiny 2 and The Division 2 get a lot of criticism, the genre is still very popular with MeinMMO readers. Well-known representatives of the genre are also Warframe and the Borderlands series.

1st place: MMORPGs

Throne and Liberty – Official GeForce RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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  • Result: 31.74% with 1,297 votes

The undisputed number one is the genre that probably thrives most on high player numbers. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game – a role-playing game in which you are on the road with many fellow combatants.

The genre maintains its popularity through enduring titles like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and The Elder Scrolls Online. But there are also new titles like Lost Ark and New World every now and then.

Although many MMORPGs that have appeared in recent years have mercilessly flopped, the genre dominates our poll with more than double the number of votes compared to number two and remains very popular with MeinMMO readers.

These are the most played MMORPGs on Steam right now:

The 10 most played MMORPGs on Steam in January 2023

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