Disney Dreamlight Valley: New update is imminent – ​​that should change

Disney Dreamlight Valley: ​Big update with new content today - patch notes are out

For Disney Dreamlight Valley there is a new update coming. On the Short message service Twitter tells Gameloft that the hotfix will be available for download early this week. The makers have not yet given a specific date. However, they give a small preview of the expected optimizations that should be in the next patch. The focus of the update is therefore primarily corrections for errors that came with the big A Festival of Friendship patch in the life simulation.

New update coming soon

After the patch download, it should no longer happen that individual quests block the feeding of animals. It should also be possible to place the main chest outside of your shelter. Also, players report that they cannot continue the “Stitch’s Hobby” quest even though they follow all of Stitch’s instructions in the cave. You can find out which bug fixes the developers for Disney Dreamlight Valley are currently working on in the Trello board under the link provided.