Pokémon GO is already showing greedy specter coins – everything points to an imminent release

Pokemon GO Greedy Specter Coin

Greedwraith coming to Pokémon GO soon? The “Greed Specter Coins” now hint at it – and dataminers have unearthed even more details.

What is greed ghost? Greedphant is a monster that made its surprise appearance in Pokémon GO on November 5th, 2022. It started tracking trainers and trying to direct them to golden coins at PokéStops.

This variant of Greedy Specter is called the “Wandering Form”, but the monster has not yet been caught in Pokémon GO.

Greedy Specter is also available in the Pokémon games Crimson and Crimson, but in the chest form. There you could already catch it and get the development “Monetigo”.

In Pokémon GO, on the other hand, Greedy Specter has not yet been caught and has not appeared for a long time. But that seems to be changing soon – this is indicated by a change in the game, but also by Pokeminer finds.

Because the Dataminer already know how Greedy Pen should work in Pokémon GO.

Greed Specter and its coins in Pokémon GO

This has changed in Pokémon GO: Previously, if you collected coins when Greedphant first spawned in 2022, they were displayed as “?????? Coins” and collected in your item bag.

However, if you now look in the bag, you will notice that these coins have been renamed “Greed Specter Coins”.

This is an indication that Gierspenst could soon end up catchable in the game and something will happen with the feature.

The data miners from the Pokeminers may have already figured out exactly what that looks like. If you want to be surprised by Gierspenst, stop reading here for now.

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New leak shows how Gierspenst should appear: The Pokeminers recently released new information they found in the Pokemon GO code. They provide information on how Greedphant is expected to work in Pokémon GO.

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This is how the Pokeminers explain Greedspectre (via Pokeminers):

  • You have to send “Postcards” to Pokémon Crimson or Crimson. This should be possible once a day. However, this probably means that you need the game for that.
  • If you do that, you will get an item called “Sparkly Incense” or “Coin Bag”. This then works similar to the “miracle box” with which you get Meltan – only that it is supposed to bring greed specter spawns.
  • There should also be a “Sparkly” lure module that turns PokéStops into “golden stops” that drop Greedphant coins.
  • With these coins you should be able to develop Greedy Specter.

You should note that: According to the current status, these are only leaks. Pokeminer data is generally reliable, but there’s always a chance that the content won’t end up in this form or at all in the actual game.

The big Hoenn tour that heralded the end of the current Pokémon GO season “Mysterious Wishes” ran over the weekend. As soon as February ends, you can expect new content in the form of a new season for Pokémon GO.

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There will be a “Pokémon Presents” on YouTube on Monday, February 27, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. It is possible that there will already be new information here – and maybe there will also be new information about Gierspenst. We will keep you up to date at this point.