PS Plus Essential in March 2023: Date + Time – When will the games come to the PS Store?

On this day the PS Plus games for September 2022 will be revealed.

From this day you can download the PS Plus Essential games for March 2023.

This time, the announcement of the new PS Plus games was a little different than in previous months: Sony announced the upcoming games for the essential lineup of March 2023 last week during the State of Play event.

This may lead some to assume that the PlayStation Plus games for March 2023 will be available for free download for all subscribers in the PS Store tomorrow, Tuesday, February 28th. But you have to be patient for another week.

PS Plus Essential in March 2023 – Go Live date and time

  • Available from: Tuesday March 7th, 2023
  • Time: Activation in the PS Store between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m

So this time there are almost two weeks between the announcement of the PS Plus games and their activation in the PS Store. This is simply because the PlayStation Plus Essential games are always available for download for members of the paid service starting on the first Tuesday of the month.

PlayStation Plus Essential in March – All games at a glance

All new PS Plus games are presented here in particular:

This month’s highlight: Battlefield 2042

It took over 17 months, but now Battlefield 2042 is actually a lot of fun


It took over 17 months, but now Battlefield 2042 is actually a lot of fun

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Like its predecessors, the DICE shooter Battlefield 2042 again relies on large-scale battles. However, the game had to take a lot of criticism when it was released.

Everything is better in 2023: In the meantime, however, not only the class system has been revised, but also the maps, so that the shooter is finally really fun. You can find out how Battlefield 2042 is currently playing and what has changed in the video above.

During State of Play, Sony also unveiled the first games available to download for all PS Plus Extra and Premium members in March, including:

You can find out what’s behind the new titles in our separate GamePro overview of PS Plus Extra and Premium in March 2023.

All important information about the PlayStation Plus subscription

Don’t have a subscription? All information about Sony’s paid service can be found in our info hub for all important information about PS Plus. In it we answer the most important questions as well as prices and advantages of the different models (Essential, Extra and Premium).

Which new game are you most looking forward to in March?