Spoiler-free criticism of the 7th episode The Last of Us: The series Ellie is much better than in the game

There is a preview and first details of Episode 3 of The Last of Us.

We are nearing the end. Number 7 of the first season of the hit series The Last of Us, which was originally designed for ten episodes and then shortened to nine episodes, has been available since last night. While the video game adaptation of the 2013 Playstation classic is part of the HBO max streaming service internationally, “TLOU” can be seen in Germany on Sky or Wow. The monthly subscription “Series” costs 9.99 euros and the new episode proves once again that this money alone because of The Last of Us worth it.

New episode The Last of Us: One highlight among many highlights

One spoiler free First of all: Wem The Last of Us (buy now ) has been good so far, the new episode will cast a spell over him again. If someone asks me which ones weakest episode of the first season so far, it would be difficult for me to give a concrete answer. Because so far every chapter of The Last of Us in its own way as unique and worth seeing. This also applies to episode 7.

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Similar to the now almost legendary third episode, which among other things resulted in homophobic review bombing, the creators tell a story of two people who allow themselves a few moments of normality in the midst of the dystopian mushroom pandemic. Especially nice: The nostalgic feelings of a video game nerd like me are also served (“Finish him!”). Who would not have wished as a child to play 18+ games together with their best friend in an arcade with unlimited ghettois in their pockets?

New episode The Last of Us: That’s how fascism works

The new episode of The Last of Us political issues are not left out either. In wonderfully written and excellently acted dialogues, it is clearly shown how fascism plays with the illusion of a supposed order in society and plays his own supporters off against one another on the basis of false promises. Appropriately, the rulers and their followers referred to several times as a “wanker”.

The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey towers over the character as Ellie

Without giving too much away: The new episode of The Last of Us is very “Ellie-heavy”. Watching Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones) transform her unique acting into the im first part rather pale-looking video game character Lending depth and character to the film, it’s almost ridiculous how some self-promotional internet screamers mocked the gifted British performer’s looks ahead of its release. Don’t get me wrong: The video game character Ellie is also well written, but only really unfolds in the second part of the series.

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Bella Ramsey is proving to be the real highlight of the first season. True to Pedro Pascal’s (Star Wars: The Mandalorian) portrayal as the grumpy protector Joel, that type of character seems a little dated, having been similarly featured in countless series and films occurs. The Ellie by Bella Ramsey surprises with the credible and above all cliche-free presentation an adolescent young woman who is actually still in the middle of puberty but had to grow up far too quickly. The topic of their sexuality is dealt with in the first season of The Last of Us, but not shown in a sexualized way. Bella Ramsey masters this acting Balancing with flying colours – that’s great acting.