There’s a “secret” ending in Sons of the Forest – Here’s how to get it

There's a "secret" ending in Sons of the Forest - Here's how to get it

As with the first part, Sons of the Forest offers different endings. However, there is an ending that requires you to work harder and can easily be missed. MeinMMO reveals how you reach the “secret” end.

Sons of the Forest is all the hype right now, but many players have already completed the story. If you hurry, you can reach the end of the game in 10 hours or less.

Usually at the end you have the opportunity to make a decision and thus choose your ending scene. But there is also a secret ending including a Steam achievement that is not so easy to achieve.

Spoiler alert: Read the text to find out how Sons of the Forest ends and what you can find along the way. If you want to experience the story for yourself, read no further!

In the video you will find all information about Sons of the Forest in 2 minutes – also a practical buffer against possible spoilers!

Sons of the Forest is the most anticipated survival game on Steam – All information in 2 minutes

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Sons of the Forest: Virginia Ending – You have to do this

what is the end At the end of Sons of the Forest you have the choice of staying on the island or escaping. Depending on what you choose, you will have different endings and get different achievements:

  • If you pick up the backpack again, you stay on the island and receive the achievement “Fighting Demons”, the heli takes off without you.
  • If you go straight to the heli, you’ll escape and earn the Fought Demons achievement. If your friendly companion Kelvin is still alive, he will sit next to you.

In the third, secret ending, the mutated lady Virginia can escape with you and a romance is even hinted at. However, there are various reports at the moment on exactly how to reach the end.

How to get the secret ending: In any case, for the ending you have to find Virginia and befriend her. Some players report that that alone triggered the secret ending for them. Presumably, however, they accidentally met other requirements.

Because actually you have to get Virginia’s trust completely. This is marked by the achievement “Chivalry Is Not Dead”. These are the steps you need to take to fully earn Virginia’s trust:

  • meets and befriends Virginia
  • give her a weapon – she can carry pistol and shotgun
  • give Virginia a GPS tracker that you can find at “Team B”.
  • find Virginia’s dress and give it to her – it’s in the bunker labeled “Food and Dining” (needs the VIP and maintenance key card) – you’ll find the dress in the same bunker as the crossbow
  • build a shelter, a hut with a bed should do
  • saves Virginia when she is kidnapped by cannibals

Virginia should be nearby when you enter the final cave, and make sure you don’t pick up the backpack at the end. The secret ending then rewards you with the Keep Your Friends Close achievement.

At the end you save all available NPCs – Kelvin, Virginia and the man you were supposed to save:

In the sequel to a popular survival game on Steam you have to save a billionaire from cannibals

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