Will New World Pay2Win now? We took a look at the new season pass

New World Season Pass first reward

in the past week new world announced a new season system. A free pass and a paid pass are included. Both are said to contain gear, materials, and boosters. We at MeinMMO see exactly what’s in it.

What’s the deal with the passport? In the future, New World will start a new season every 3 months. There will be two passes with this season – one free and one for a fee, which costs 20,000 lucky tokens, which is the equivalent of exactly 19.50 euros.

Each pass contains 100 levels. You can also get the rewards from the Premium Pass retroactively if you buy it later.

You increase the levels in the pass by collecting Season XP. You get these for completing special tasks during a season, but also for faction missions, city quests, dungeons and PvP. A so-called stamp card is also inserted. On this you will find various daily tasks that you can “stamp”.

When do the seasons start? The first season will start on March 28th. However, you can already view the pass on the test server.

Premium Pass offers Legendary Items, Shadow Shards, and Lucky Tokens

What’s in the Premium Pass? Right at the start you will receive a useful reward. Tier 1 brings you a Legendary Weapon, a Legendary Armor Piece, and a Legendary Piece of Jewelry. However, the values ​​on it are random. So on the test server we got a bow with skill, gloves with constitution and a ring also with constitution.

The “Welcome Reward” right at the start.

The items received were okay, but definitely not “best in slot”. In addition, there were 5 boosters for season XP, weapon XP, collection XP, area XP and skill boosters at the start. The latter bring 10% more income from gathering professions such as lumberjacking or mining, all others double the experience points for the respective aspect.

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The next steps are then somewhat harmless. They contain:

  • A random skin from the Stormwind dungeon
  • New emotes
  • Colors
  • New company crests
  • Skins for gathering tools and tents
  • 1,000 lucky tokens that you can theoretically use in the future to buy the next season pass cheaper. You get a total of 5,000 lucky tokens back in the pass – i.e. 1/4 of the price.

At level 10 it gets trickier again. There is a weapon selection chest here, where you are guaranteed to get weapons with a fixed attribute – i.e. strength, dexterity, intelligence or concentration. One of them is also guaranteed to be legendary.

This is immediately followed by 1,500 Shadow Shards, which are required for the later upgrade of the equipment from level 600 to 625. There are a total of 7,500 Shadow Shards in the pass. These can be secured in about 10 to 30 hours of gameplay, depending on how effective you are on the go.

New World Season Pass Mid
The chests with a guaranteed legendary weapon.

More chests will follow with dungeon skins, a legendary trinket with stats, and later also legendary armor with stats. At level 17 there is also 3,000 thalers in cash. The pass contains a total of 12,000 talers, which takes a few hours of farming.

In the pass follow 10 flame cores and 5 plaster balls. If you play through the whole pass, you get a total of 30 flame cores and 25 plaster balls. Materials in the form of an Elemental Quintessence and vials of Dormant Azoth are also included.

More skins, chests with legendary weapons, armor pieces and trinkets, as well as a box with 3 Legendary Cut Gems will follow in the next stages of the pass. There are also other boosters.

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The last 10 levels of the pass also bring large reward boxes with equipment from the Mutant Dungeons. The last final reward at level 100 is not yet visible on the test server.

New World Season Pass final stages
The final rewards from level 91 to 99.

The free pass offers significantly less

What does the free pass include? Significantly less. There are 1,000 shadow shards, 1 plaster ball and a random named weapon to welcome you here. But it doesn’t have to be legendary.

Overall, the free pass brings:

  • 4,000 Shadow Shards
  • 8,500 gold
  • 2,500 Lucky Tokens
  • 31 plaster balls
  • 10 Flame Cores
  • Several chests with a chance (!) for legendary weapons and armor
  • healing potions
  • Vials of Azoth
  • booster
  • Some new skins

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You can define the Premium Pass as Pay2Win, but you don’t have to

Is the Premium Pass Pay2Win? That depends on your own definition. The pass brings some things that will save you time, such as the Gypsum Spheres, Shadow Shards, and the Boosters. In addition, you get coins and materials that you would otherwise have to farm in the game. So he’s a big help and certainly saves tens of hours of farm time.

However, you can only catch up with “veterans” with this pass. Because nothing in the pass makes you stronger than the active players already are – for example through boosters for more strength or higher item levels.

Most will already have their weapons and professions maxed out, and gear up to 625 already. Many also value perfect stats, for example through the perks adapted to their own weapon. The equipment in the passport only has it with a lot of luck. It’s good for transition, but subject to perfect stats in PvE and PvP.

In addition, the shadow fragments are far from enough to bring the gear to level 625. So you will still have to farm.

Nevertheless, the pass is debatable. Especially materials, thalers and legendary equipment are very useful for newcomers. If it had been left with plaster, shadow shards, skins, emotes and colors, the outcry would certainly be smaller.

What do you think of the pass? Do you think the content is Pay2Win? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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