WoW: Atiesh in the trading post? Discovered Medivh items in game files

Heroes of the Storm: Medivh

from Sebastian Glanzer
We are approaching a new month. This means that in WoW: Dragonflight new items are unlocked via the trading post. Recent datamining finds show that we’ll soon be able to dress like Medivh – complete with a replica of his staff, Atiesh.

As the past data mining finds in WoW: Dragonflight have shown, the developers are not afraid of iconic weapons like that Staff of Gul’dan over the Trading Post to make available. While warlocks will soon be able to cosplay as Gul’dan, the latest item finds in patch 10.0.7 game files show that mages can also embody an iconic Warcraft character.

WoW data miners (buy now ) head found three items related to Medivh: Feathered Drape of the Guardian, Feathered Cowl of the Guardian and Standard of the Guardian.

Atiesh in the trading post?

WoW: Atiesh in the trading post? Medivh items discovered in game files (1)
Source: Blizzard

Players appear to be able to purchase the iconic helm, cloak, and Medivh’s staff. When these cosmetic items will be implemented into the game is unknown. However, they can be firmly assigned to the trading post. If the developers follow Medivh’s outfit exactly, the cape with its decorated feathers should be the bigger visual highlight, as you can see in the picture above.

Similar to the Staff of Gul’dan, it probably won’t be the original Staff Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian act that players could laboriously earn in the vanilla raid Naxxramas. Medivh wielded this powerful weapon until he gave the fabled item to Khadgar.

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