WoW Buffs Herbalism and Mining – Gives collectors even more gold

In WoW, players are losing a lot of gold: "Economy will take weeks to recover"

Herbalism and mining fans in World of Warcraft will soon be getting even more gold. A great change will soon grant a rare and expensive resource.

With Dragonflight, Blizzard brought an extensive specialization system to all professions. But not every specialization feels good in all professions. Mountain farmers and herbalists in particular have a specialization that many just frown at in confusion. Because portals with a way there and back are great in theory, but they actually bring little.

What is the problem? It’s about the Titan-Touched specialization found in both Herbalism and Mining in the Elemental Mastery section. Currently, fully skilling this specialization ensures that when overloading a titan-touched plant or ore, a portal appears that leads to the next ore or plant and can then be used to return.

However, this is neither very interesting nor useful. Because if you are farming herbs or ores, you want to be on your way to the next one after the resources have been mined and not be teleported back. So the ability was pretty much useless and pretty disappointing for a specialization finisher talent.

What will be changed? Patch 10.0.7 will change the final talent of this specialization. Overloading a Titan-Touched Resource Node now has a chance of dropping a Titan Glowing Orb! This is a fairly rare resource that until now has only been reliably obtained from a few elite opponents. The orb is required for some of the best enchantments and a few jeweler recipes, so it’s in high demand.

What does this mean for the glowing titan orbs? So far, the glowing titan orbs are some of the most expensive reagents available for enchantments and a few other recipes. At the beginning of the expansion, the price was still in the mid four-digit range, but it has now fallen to around 600 to 700 gold. With patch 10.0.7, the price should drop even further due to the change. So if you still want to turn your titan balls into gold, you should do so soon – because the market could be flooded with it in the near future.

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