50 Cent posts image of Vice City and fans go crazy

50 Cent posts image of Vice City and fans go crazy

Recently, Grand Theft Auto VI appears to have suffered what would be considered another major leak but this time it’s not a teenager sitting in his bedroom in Oxfordshire, England. the rapper 50 Cent seems to have shelved all caution and has posted new images of Vice City.

Since September 2022, we haven’t seen anything else about Grand Theft Auto VI, and that’s partly due to takedown notices the publisher Take Two Interactive it was distributing to anyone who hosted any of the leaked gameplay. Consequently, fans took to private servers to discuss what they had learned, including creating what could be the map for the next Grand Theft Auto game in Microsoft Paint.

The rapper has posted an image with the Vice City logo and a caption in which he promises to explain what it is about later. From RockStar Games and 50 Cent to be preparing something, it would not be the first time. In Grand Theft Auto Online we had the participation of Dr. Dre as part of The Contract downloadable content, so it is possible that the interpreter of 21 Questions also presents his image and his voice to a character from the world of Grand Theft Car.

Fans have also zeroed in on the mention of Power, the TV show 50 Cent has been involved with since 2019. It’s more likely, however, that Rockstar Games is completing the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto VI and moving closer to 50 Cent for licenses. This publication is still on the rapper’s account so it seems that it is something official.

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