Air cooling from Amazon: Amazon Basics brings its own tower cooler

CPU cooler from Amazon Basics

from Valentin Sattler
Amazon now also offers its own CPU cooler through the Amazon Basics brand. The small tower cooler is not a real in-house development. Instead, the model is manufactured under license by Cooler Master.

For a long time now, Amazon has not only acted as a retailer, but also as a supplier of the products themselves. In addition to complex in-house developments such as the Echo loudspeakers, many less complex products are also offered, which the company sells under the “Amazon Basics” brand. sells. This same one was recently enriched by a new product: Amazon now apparently also sells CPU coolers.

Cooler Master Amazon cooler

Specifically, the “Amazon Basics Computer Fan CPU Air Cooler” for currently just under 25 euros. For this price, the company wants to offer a 136 mm high tower cooler with four heat pipes and RGB lighting. There is also talk of a weight of 454 g, compatibility with all current small sockets from AMD and Intel as well as a maximum noise level of 29.38 dB(A).The company, on the other hand, does not provide any performance information: There is no information on the TDP or example temperatures, which should be treated with caution anyway.

Amazon is transparent with the manufacturer, because the tower cooler is not manufactured by the shipping giant itself. Instead, the model is from Cooler Master, and even the exact model number is there. According to Amazon, it is the cooler ‎RR-H410-20PC-ASwhich, apart from the last two digits, is the product number of the Cool Master Hyper 410R RGB (RR-H410-20PC-R1) fits. This would suggest a simple rebranding, in which most parts of the CPU cooler were adopted identically.

Appropriately, the technical data of the two models are largely identical, and they look strikingly similar. Differences can only be seen in the top slat, which was punched differently on Amazon Basics and Cooler Master. In addition, the price is not the same: In the PCGH price comparison, the Cooler Master Hyper 410R RGB is currently offered for just under 32 eurosmaking the original slightly more expensive.

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The cooler from Cooler Master was also offered for a short time for 20 euros, so the Amazon model is not cheaper overall. In addition, of course, the general competitive situation must also be taken into account. Leave in the price comparison numerous models can be found, which rely on similar equipment with a 120 mm fan and higher weight for similar prices. Compared to the 92 mm fan of the model discussed here, this should tend to provide better cooling properties.

Source: via Tom’s hardware