Apple bets on the three nanometers


The race to improve processors never stops. In recent years, it is one of the arguments on which Apple is based to launch new devices. They do not usually vary in the exterior design, but they are updated with new processors that are better than the previous model. More powerful, and more efficient.

And that is achieved by improving its internal architecture. By this year 2023, Apple wants many of its new iPhone and Mac launches to already mount processors based on an architecture of three nanometers. TSMC has been manufacturing them for months now.

In Cupertino they are always thinking about how to improve their devices. Every year they present new software, new functions thanks to better components, such as the cameras of iPhones, and of course, new processors.

That’s what he takes care of TSMC. It has become almost its partner, rather than a supplier, as it makes all of ARM’s custom-designed processors for Apple devices. And since it is already capable of manufacturing 3nm chips, come on… “go ahead”….

TSMC has been since the month of December manufacturing the new processors for Apple based on the architecture of three nanometers. They will be for the most expensive iPhones and Macs.

For 2023 Macs and iPhones

This new consignment of processors will go, in the case of Macs, to the new processors M3and in the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, they will be the future A17 Bionic. Thanks to this new 3 nm architecture, the A17 Bionic would be 35% more efficient, in energy terms, compared to the current A16 Bionic chips, built at 4 nanometers.

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The latest rumors suggest that the first Apple device to hit the market with one of these processors will be the next macbook air, with an M3 chip. They will be followed by the MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro and M3 Max, but surely by 2024.

The current ones m2 that run through the different Apple devices, are based on a 5 nm architecture. Although these are already very powerful and efficient, the new 3nm ones will be much more so, thus providing a great selling point for these new devices.