Blumhouse are adapting Dead By Daylight into a film

Blumhouse are adapting Dead By Daylight into a film

Multiplayer horror Dead By Daylight is apparently coming to Hollywood in the form of a new film adaptation. The two production companies involved are longtime horror fixtures Atomic Monster (who have made The Conjuring, Annabelle, and Malignant) and Blumhouse (the company behind Paranormal Activity, M3GAN, and Get Out.) The film doesn’t have any talent attached right now , but the two companies are currently looking for a director and a screenwriter. Blumhouse says, “it’s imperative we find someone who appreciates and loves the world as much as we do, to help us bring the game to the big screen”.

Dead By Daylight is already buddies with horror cinema, thanks to its crossovers with Saw, Freddy Krueger, and Micheal Myers. Some might even say it’s the Fortnite of stabby things, although the film won’t be a movie monster mash-up itself. Dead By Daylight has its own lore, complete with a goosebump-inducing cast of killers like the sad clown, tortured artist, and a nurse who operates with a bonesaw. Atomic Monster’s CEO (and prominent horror director) James Wan says, “the Behavior team has created a love letter to the world of horror… perfect for a scary cinematic adaptation.”

Dead By Daylight is frolicking onto the silver screen, but the reverse is happening too. Blumhouse are moving into publishing games, as they announced last month. They’ll be working with indie devs on “original” titles, as long as the budget stays under $10 million.

As superhero flicks are flailing at the box office, film companies have been scrambling to adapt every video game under the sun. Sonic The Hedgehog has already been a box-office success, and HBO’s The Last Of Us show was recently renewed for a second season. Amazon also recently announced TV shows based on God Of War and Tomb Raider, with Phoebe “Fleabag” Waller-Bridge set to pen Lara’s small-screen adventure. Hollywood are gobbling up countless other games like It Takes Two, Borderlands, Bioshock, Fallout, and many, many more.

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If you’d prefer to keep the controller in your hands, RPS’s Dead By Daylight review called it a co-operative masterclass, and it’s only been getting bigger since. The asymmetrical horror is £15/€20/$20 on Steam.