Coreborn: Alpha launched for ultra-core MMO – News

Coreborn: Alpha launched for ultra-core MMO - News

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An alpha for the German MMORPG will be available until March 5, 2023 Coreborn – Nations of the Ultracore instead of. The game is based on the pen-and-paper campaigns broadcast on Rocketbeans TV, set in the ultra-core universe created for the format. Creative Director at the decentralized development team Blankhans is the inventor and game master Hauke ​​Gerdes. Coreborn has a survival core, but encourages players to work together and build structures to reclaim devastated lands and withstand waves of onslaught from the evil Sorgoth.

Even though it’s a closed alpha, according to the development team’s Twitter channel, Blankhans wants to send invitations to as many players as possible who are requesting alpha participation on Coreborn’s Steam shop page at short notice.

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