Counter Strike: Global Offensive: Has NVIDIA Leaked the Source 2 Update for CS:GO?

CS:GO Source 2 Leak NVIDIA

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had a huge fan base for years. However, she’s been waiting for an eternity Update for the shooter. The Source Engine is long outdated, though valves has not published any plans in this direction. Now one could NVIDIA driver update upcoming plans of the CS:GO developer leaked have. Is the Source 2 update finally coming?

Leak: NVIDIA driver update includes new CS:GO game profile

Counter Strike could have been one for years general overhaul use. The old Source Engine is no longer up-to-date and many fans of the game want an update to it Successor engine Source 2. In the middle of last year, voices were already being raised that suspected that Update for the 10th anniversary of the shooter is integrated.

After the long-awaited revision didn’t materialize, the rumor mill quieted down again until a few days ago. an attentive one Reddit users discovered an interesting detail in the code of its NVIDIA driver update. There are apparently two new game profiles under the names “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” been created.

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What the fans say: The community as a whole is very responsive euphoric. Many sincerely hope that the time will come really soon. Others laugh at the fact, make fun of the company and claim that “NVIDIA once again the number 1 leaker” is.

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A few can’t or don’t really want to believe that it’s all true. Who due to the “cs2.exe”-File Fear for his skins has, will open Twitter among others from aquaismissing reassured: A completely new game is unlikely and the file is probably a leftover from previous updates.

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Does that confirm the Source 2 update?

As nice as that may sound, the leak confirms it of course nothing. As always, one is required official statement of those responsible before any binding information can be released into the world. However, the information is worth mentioning and debatable.

NVIDIA has had to deal with leaks again and again in the past. The case of the GeForce Now list. A developer became aware of a list that upcoming titles for PC included, some of which were not even announced. NVIDIA itself confirmed the authenticity of the document at the time, but pointed out that it very speculative may be.

What do you think, is there something to the leak? Feel free to discuss with us in the comments!