Demon Slayer: Season 3 starts in Japan after the German premiere of the cinema film

Demon Slayer Anime-Fortsetzung Gerücht

After the second movie to the anime Demon Slayer has hit the cinema screens here, people in Japan can already look forward to the third season. The official Twitter account has now announced that “Demon Slayer” Season 3 from April 9, 2023 will run across Japanese screens.

Demon Slayer: Here’s what to expect in Season 3

There is also a new trailer showing the main characters shows that will appear in the third season. Among them are of course Protagonist Tanjiro and his Sister Nezuko.

In addition to some of the nine pillarswho to the mightiest swordsmen from “Demon Slayer” include the opponents that Tanjio and his companions must take on in the new season.

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The title Swordsmith Village arc already suggests that swordsmithing will play a central role in Season 3. The direction takes over Haruo Sotozakiwhile Akira Matsushima back to character design. Serves as composer Yuki Kajiura.

The first episode is supposed to be around 60 minutes run, but is already Part of the second feature film to “Demon Slayer” The Movie connects season 2 and season 3 with each other by combining the final episodes of the second season and the first episode of the third season into one film.

That’s what Demon Slayer is all about

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba tells the story of Tanjiro. His entire family became murdered by a demon, only his sister Nezuko survived. But after the attack, she is no longer herself and has herself too turned into a demon.

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Now it’s up to Tanjiro as a demon hunter cure for his sister to find. Numerous allies join the sibling duo on their adventures and they face off against the Nine Pillars, the anime’s strongest demon hunters.