Destiny 2 brings 1st major change to Lightfall just 4 days after launch – Addressing player criticism

Destiny 2 brings 1st major change to Lightfall just 4 days after launch – Addressing player criticism

Actually, Destiny 2 had not planned to release the full potential of the new subclass Strand directly. But criticism of the new ability seems to have changed that plan. 4 days after the release, Bungie announced that players will be able to unlock all fragments of Strang earlier than originally planned.

What did Destiny 2 announce? As promised, the new ability Strang was easier to unlock than Stasis. But that didn’t mean you could experience the new subclass in its full power right away. It was timegated and required some grind to earn strand meditations.

Post-campaign, players only had limited strand abilities to try. Full potential should unfold on March 7th and March 10th, respectively, after the Worlds First of the Root of Nightmares raid.

That has now changed. Bungie has announced a live update for the new ability “Strand”, responding to criticism from players just a few days later.

This is how Bungie hyped its players with Strang in the Destiny 2: Lightfall announcement trailer

Destiny 2 shows new insights into Strang – The Focus in Lightfall in its trailer

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Bungie Cancels All Timegates: Even after the campaign, more strand fragments could only be unlocked by engaging in activities in Neomuna to gradually improve the ability. So it wasn’t immediately possible to try everything.

Bungie has released a live update just 4 days after the criticism of Strang, which aims to reveal the full potential of the ability to players.

As more players complete the Lightfall campaign and get their hands on Strand, the more initial and constructive feedback we received. As with any new subclass in Destiny 2, we want to ensure that Strand feels great in the hands of players once they realize its full power, and that development doesn’t stop on day one.

To that end, we have decided to release a live update that will give all players the opportunity to earn the full range of Beach Fragments later today.

Here’s how to unlock all strand options now: The announced live update did not require any downtime. All strand fragments are already available in game and are no longer locked. Still, there is a but.

  • Players must complete the Lightfall campaign and visit the Pouka Pool in front of the Hall of Heroes on Neptune to access the new fragments.
  • The additional fragments are still class-specific.
  • String meditations are still required to obtain them.
    • String Grenade costs 50 String Meditations
    • Thread Aspects cost 150 Thread Meditations
    • Strand Fragments – including the ones released now – cost 200 strand meditations each

With the live update, however, you can at least try out all of Strang’s options and better assess the ability. In view of the upcoming raid, this could be interesting.

This is how you quickly farm strand meditation

Here you get 100 strand meditations from the Terminal Overload Key Box

The limit for the strand meditations is 1500 pieces. However, if you are still missing strand meditation, here are a few tips on how to quickly collect this resource.

  • About the Terminal Overload activity: About 100 strand meditations await you when you start the Terminal Overload Public Event from the map in the Liming Harbor area. Complete the activity 3 times and get a “Terminal Overload Key” on the fourth run. You get these necessary keys to open the loot chest from the daily Neomuna bounty “Terminal Bounty” from Nimbus.
  • About open world patrols: While playing Terminal Overload, one of the patrols will always start. So you always get a little extra portion of strand mediation.
  • About kills in the “Vex Assault Zone”: If you’ve farmed enough strand meditations there, the Vex Incursion Zone area would also be an option, as there are many enemies there who also drop the resource.

Bungie reacted because the new subclass was probably not convincing

The recent criticism of Destiny 2: Lightfall weighs heavily. In addition to the cliffhanger campaign, the new subclass Strand, with a few exceptions, has apparently not yet been able to shine as Bungie had imagined.

GernaderJakea well-known Destiny 2 streamer on Twitch, already shared his first thoughts on Lightfall’s new ability with the community, saying:

I want to love Strang, but it just seems way too unconvincing. I wanted it to be broken and fun, but it just seems so jaded with bad cooldowns. I hope I’m wrong and that changes.

says Gernader Jake in a video to strand video

Have you grabbed the new strand options yet? Then write us in the comments which strand build is your current favorite.

Or is Lightfall already done for you after the many points of criticism that the community has expressed about the DLC so far? Please tell us in the comments.

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