Destiny 2: Lightfall is hailing negative reviews on Steam – “The most disappointing DLC ​​of them all

Destiny 2: Lightfall is hailing negative reviews on Steam – “The most disappointing DLC ​​of them all

The first week in the new DLC Destiny 2: Lightfall is almost over. Players could not only examine the story campaign extensively, but also the new content. But euphoria has so far only been felt by very few. Instead, Bungie’s “Beginning of the End” was showered with a great deal of displeasure about all aspects of the game. The DLC slogan was thus almost prophetic.

How is the new Lightfall DLC received by the players? The hype for Destiny 2: Lightfall was cautious in advance. After the many announcements from Bungie and the problems at the end of the last DLC, some players preferred to wait and see how Lightfall did.

The trailers were cool and interviews at Bungie tried to dispel any remaining concerns. Nevertheless, unlike the last DLC “The Witch Queen”, there was no hype in 2023.

Almost a week has now passed. Players could test everything extensively and experience the story. But their feedback is currently devastating for Bungie’s “beginning of the end” of the great saga of light and darkness. The disappointment with the DLC is greater than ever.

  • Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has a rating average of “Mostly Negative” on Steam.
  • At the time of this writing, 2,930 Lightfall players on Steam had written a review for the standard version of the DLC, and only 29% of them were positive.
  • The deluxe edition with an annual pass, which will offer more content and tie in with the cliffhanger story, is also not doing well. Of 1085 players, 31% judge mostly negatively.
  • The Destiny 2 community on MeinMMO is also critical and criticizes many things about Lightfall.
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Destiny 2 2022 hyped its players with such “The Witch Queen” trailers. It is considered the best DLC after Forsaken so far:

Destiny 2 reveals launch trailer for new Witch Queen expansion

More videos

Lightfall disappoints even die-hard fans

Destiny 2 doesn’t seem to be able to meet the expectations of its players with Lightfall. Neither the new cloud runner NPCs nor the new location Neomuna picked up the players. And by the end of the story, there were more unanswered questions than answered, leaving the keepers at a loss.

This criticism is leveled at Lightfall: Bungie has also created a campaign in Lightfall that relies on cutscenes. But unlike “The Witch Queen”, the main opponent, the witness, is not really the focus. Players rarely felt the all-or-nothing feel during the campaign, as the great space battle and doomsday mood leading up to the announcements and trailers have conveyed.

That’s the criticism DelishNightmarePie on Steam: Far too short, far too condensed, far too few explanations and no fun. It all seems like it doesn’t really matter what you do in the game, the witness just does what the witness wants to do and the rest is up for grabs in The Final Form, the final DLC in 2024 for the Light and Darkness pick up saga.

So are the reviews from the community

Bungie disappoints even its most loyal fans: The mood in the community is correspondingly subdued. Because everyone seems to agree. Even lore experts from Destiny 2 “MyNameisByf” or “AndyEdition” are disappointed after the Lightfall story and also express this.

First impression…I hate it” – “To the Bungie Narration Team: I hope my feedback went down well […]. Either way, now is the time to listen, and I know you will.

writes the Destiny lore expert Byf after his harsh story criticism on YouTube via Twitter

And also the German one Destiny 2 Chronicler AndyEdition judges succinctly: “I am disappointed with the Lightfall campaign. […]“.

This basic mood from Lightfall also prevails on Steam and is reflected in a large number of reviews.

  • Reviewed like this Tonimann via Steam: “Unfortunately, the story is absolutely irrelevant from start to finish. […] The city of Neomuna just seems completely dead. […] The complete character [des Wolkenläufer Nimbus] can be summed up in the following dialogue: “Hey who are you? are you enemies Here’s an invasion!” […] and the entire subclass could have been saved and introduced “hanging over” as an extra ability instead.”
  • Loky sees it similarly and writes on Steam in his rating: “In my opinion the most disappointing DLC ​​in Destiny 2 so far. Nothing is explained in the story and you only rely on a few cutscenes. All the NPCs know what’s going on, but just don’t explain it. True to the motto do this because it is important and it is important because I say so. Strang is fun at times, but overall takes on too much of a role without explaining how, why, why. Now you could say yes, well, there’s a raid and a few quests to come apart from the campaign, but with a full-price expansion, the central part (the campaign) shouldn’t be that bad.”
Destiny 2: Lightfall has received harsh criticism from many players

That’s what the readers of MeinMMO say

The Destiny 2 community on MeinMMO has also formed an opinion on the new DLC and commented on their opinions on our site.

Our reader Millerntorian finds apt words:

For me, this DLC is a significant drop in gameplay quality. With a downward trend? […] Where is the rather gloomy mood that Destiny has always worn and was transported excellently in the campaign with Witch Queen, for example? […]

via MeinMMO

And Destiny 2 player Chris comments on MeinMMO:

Just the end [der Kampagne in Lightfall] leaves you with a “Is that it? Oo” back. I really don’t think some things are bad. But the ending is very unsatisfactory. Bungie said back then that they would split the finale into 2 parts (Lightfall and Final Shape) and that’s how Lightfall feels. It seems as if the story was abruptly interrupted in the middle. […] With Lightfall, Bungie will have to do a lot of straightening out before they can even talk about Final Shape.

writes Chris in the MeinMMO comments

Even if some players do not understand this criticism 100% and still find something good in Lightfall here and there, the Destiny 2 community is now probably in agreement that this DLC is not yet a Bungie masterpiece.

The Steam record start was relatively the best that the DLC has given its developer so far, in addition to a lot of criticism after the release. Bungie has already commented on the current situation. But it remains to be seen whether the players can be appeased, especially in view of the high costs of the respective DLC editions.

How do you see the future of Destiny 2? Has Bungie put the final nail in the coffin with Lightfall? Or do you think this can somehow be straightened out? Please leave us your opinion in the comment field.

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