Destiny 2: This is how you can now say thank you and rate other players in Lightfall

Destiny 2 Rating Menu Rumble

In Destiny 2: Lightfall, Guardians can now rate each other thanks to the new expansions. We show you how the new system behind it works, how to vote and where you can see your points.

How can I rate players? In order to rate players in Destiny 2, you must play activities. Valid activities include:

  • raid
  • dungeons
  • Vanguard Ops, Battlegrounds, Dares of Eternity, Offensive, Empire and Nightmare Hunts
  • Crucible, Iron Banner(if active) and Trials of Osiris
  • and non-matchmaking activities at higher difficulty levels

If you have completed an activity in the fireteam, a screen will then pop up with your teammates and you can assign cards with meanings. These cards are considered appreciations.

In modes like Rumble, where you’re basically playing solo against other players, it’s confusing how to give an appreciation to opponents. However, to still appreciate another Guardian’s accomplishment, you need to go to the “Full Results” on the final screen.

From then on, all your opponents will be listed, with all the data collected in the game. Now click on the asterisk on the left next to the nickname of a player that you want to appreciate. A new window will open with two maps. For other activities, the star appears under the player’s nickname.

Now you can choose which appreciation you want to give your opponent. Note that you only give as many appreciations as you have cards. If you have already given a card, you cannot give it a second time.

What do reviews do? The new ratings should ensure that you can find out more quickly how good a player actually is. So you can inspect players and browse their ratings to see how suitable they are for a raid or dungeon. However, since you cannot give an appreciation card twice, the assessment is currently still quite subjective.

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Do I keep my ratings in future seasons? Bungie itself explains that only a fraction of the accumulated appreciation points are carried over into a new season. The rest stays in the old season. So there’s a good chance your previous points will simply be erased to ensure that every Guardian starts at almost the same level when a new season begins.

That was all important about the appreciations, how to forgive them and what they bring you. Have you already collected a lot of appreciation from other Guardians and what do you think of the system? Please leave us a comment!

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