Diablo 3: Players want to keep the Season 28 feature forever, but not completely

Diablo 3 Altar of Rites Standard

The new season theme of Season 28 in Diablo 3 is really well received by the community. Players are demanding that it stays forever. But they only want individual functions of it permanently.

What is the feature? Each new season of Diablo 3 has a specific seasonal theme. This can be wild meteors that regularly fall from the sky or even a fourth slot in the mighty Kanais Cube.

In Season 28, Diablo 3 brought the Altar of Rites. Basically a big skill tree, the unlocks of which apply to all characters season-wide (hardcore and softcore are separate). While the season is still active with the feature for a few more weeks, players are now demanding that the altar stay forever. A few contents from it would be enough.

Some features “should have always been in the game”

The Altar of Rites from Season 28 – He provides these powers

What are the players asking for? On reddit asks user MrRodesney “Anyone else think the Altar of Rites should be permanent?”

There are already over 120 comments to the question and many of them are related to the creator:

“I think some of its features should be permanent. Like the companions picking things up. Or the progression orbs that are automatically sucked up,” writes LordOverBomber. Since user Sage-Like_Wisdom agrees and says: “Yes, this should have always been in the game, as well as gems [die aktuell nicht automatisch eingesammelt werden], to be honest. I’d rather not have companions (it’s really slow for me sometimes) and anything we pick up should be automatically collected no matter how far away we are.”

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Others say that not “everything” should remain at the altar. For example, user jkanoid suggests that you could leave the altar with its quality-of-life changes permanently in the game. However, the buffs should remain seasonal only. So you could adjust the altar a bit every season and try out new skill orders for yourself.

That’s behind it: The automatic collection of items in particular has always been a point that players have wanted. If you dash through the various acts or nephalem portals with your speed build, you have to drop anchor and stop to pick up certain items. This becomes less important as the game progresses, but items like Death’s Breath that you use for crafting are always nice to have. However, it does get in the way of “speed”.

Auto-collecting progress orbs is a nice Quality of Life feature in Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts.

Diablo 3 Season 28 Item Drop
Breath of Death, Yellow Armor – my companion is now collecting these for me. I myself only have to click on legendary items, finished mats and the gems

Both can now be unlocked permanently in the altar, simplifying the game experience this season.

The companions then collect white, blue and yellow items when unlocked and disassemble them immediately. This saves you having to pick them up and at the same time keeps more space in your inventory.

Blizzard may want to use the system to prepare players for Diablo 4 and its features.

How do you like the Altar of Rites from Season 28? Is that something you want to keep too? If so, which features do you like the most?