Director Explains: That’s why Princess Peach doesn’t need to be rescued in the Mario movie

The final trailer of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is about to be released.

Who the trailer for Super Mario Bros Movie in the last few months, you must have noticed that Plumber Mario this time his brother luigi have to help out of a bind. It is he, namely, that of villain bowser is captured. In the Nintendo games, it was always usual for Mario to actually be the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom freed. The makers of the film have for peach but another role planned.

Rescuing Peach was ‘too easy’

In an interview with Total Film, the two directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic talked about Mario’s rescue mission: “[Luigi] will take the role of Peach in this story. It is Mario’s goal to free his brother from Bowser’s clutches. And he must go on this epic adventure. So Luigi, who is known to be this nervous and very anxious character, finds himself in the worst dilemma.”