Eligella Winter Games: EilasN97 hosts big event with Joyn and 12 creators

Eligella Winter Games Übersicht

EliasN97 is not just an avid gamer. at his successful offline events he likes to take part himself and inspires his fans. In the not too distant future, another major event is on the agenda: The Eligella Winter Games. We also show what you can look forward to there.

Eligella Winter Games: continuation of a series of events

For everyone who doesn’t know Elias: The young creator produces videos for different games. He usually gambles with friends. Additionally he has in recent years big events put on its feet. One of the most successful is probably the Eligella Cup be with the friends and colleagues of Elias on the Football field compete against each other.

Last summer, for once, it wasn’t just about football when the Eligella Summer Games took place. There is a sequel to this March 31, 2023, when the Winter Games are held in Sankt Moritz. fight there 12 creators in various mini-games for victory.

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The event is created in cooperation with the SunIce Festival Saint Moritz and Joyn. That brings us to the next piece of important information: The Winter Games will be NOT streamed on Twitch. The transmission takes place Joyn instead of. There you can register for free and follow the spectacle live.

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Everything you need to know about the Eligella Winter Games at a glance:

  • Location: SunIce Festival Sankt Moritz
  • When: March 31, 2023 from 3 p.m
  • What: 12 influencers compete in different mini-games
  • transmission: Live on Joyn

These are the participants of the Eligella Winter Games

Elias invites eleven friends and colleagues to compete with and against him in various disciplines. You can expect a colorful mix of participants, most of you should already be known:

  • EliasN97
  • UnsympatheticTV
  • HoneyPuu
  • MckyTV
  • xFibii
  • Trymacs
  • Amar
  • melina
  • SydneyEweka
  • xRohat
  • ViscaBarca
  • Eldos

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At the Summer Games last year, the participants are competed against each other in teams. It is not yet clear whether this will be the case again for the winter edition and how the teams will be put together. For information in this direction, please keep the Social media channels of Elias and the candidates in view.