FIFA 23: Server disruption on March 3, 2023 – When will FUT go again?

FIFA 23: Server down on 12.01.  – Web App and Companion App also affected

In FIFA 23 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X) the servers are apparently having problems today, March 3, 2023, access to Ultimate Team is not possible. EA has already reported on the situation.

FIFA 23 Server Status: Players are currently reporting issues in FIFA 23 accessing online modes such as FUT and Volta. The servers seem to be down at the moment, Ultimate Team is not accessible.

Is there server maintenance work? In any case, this is not a previously announced server maintenance. Accordingly, it is not yet clear how long the problems will last.

This is what EA says about the problems in FIFA 23 today

What does EA say about the server problems? The “FIFA Direct Communication” channel reported the problems via Twitter.

They would be investigating reports from players that they are currently unable to access FUT and Volta. A solution should be communicated as soon as it becomes available. There is currently no further information on this. We will keep you up to date on MeinMMO at this point.

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Can I still play FIFA 23?

It is still possible to play the offline modes of FIFA 23. For example, you can now scout the best talents in career mode and send them on a title hunt or play against the AI ​​or friends in a kick-off.

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In Ultimate Team, on the other hand, you can currently only access your team in the web app or the companion app. There you can still use the transfer market or play squad building challenges.

The first players are already calling for the Weekend League to be extended. This has happened in the past when server issues made participation in FUT Champions impossible or severely delayed. It remains to be seen how long the problems will last and how EA will react to them.

Otherwise, the FUT Fantasy Event is supposed to start in FIFA 23 today. This begins at 7:00 p.m. in the evening.