Finally Explained: This Is Why Chris Pratt Plays Super Mario In The Movie

Finally Explained: This Is Why Chris Pratt Plays Super Mario In The Movie

At the April 5th a highly anticipated video game adaptation hits theaters with the new Super Mario movie. But although the trailers of the Illumination flick were quite convincing, the casting has caused numerous discussions and criticism. While Jack Black or Charlie Day still seem to be relatively popular performers for the roles of Bowser and Luigi, the lead role is a little different. So many fans were and are not necessarily enthusiastic about that Chris Pratt will speak the role of Super Mario. But why exactly was Pratt cast in the role of the Brooklyn plumber? The film’s co-director recently answered that question.

Chris Pratt as Super Mario

[Chris] is really good at playing the average Joe with a big heart“Said Aaron Horvath in an interview with Total Film. “For the way Mario is portrayed in our film, he’s the perfect choice.”

Whether Pratt can ultimately prove himself in the role remains to be seen. However, the reluctance to cast the actor was so great that, among other things, alternative trailers using Charles Martinet’s voice have already been put online. Aside from the more or less witty cast, Pratt had at times been confronted with allegations of homophobia. This was based on an alleged affiliation with the Hillsong Church in the United States, from which he officially disassociated himself last summer.

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