Find Sons of the Forest Radio – How to make Kelvin your personal DJ

Sons of the Forest Radio Map Locations

In Sons of the Forest you can find radios in different locations. We’ll show you where there are radio stations and how to make Kelvin a DJ.

In the survival game Sons of the Forest, you can find a radio in certain locations and listen to the sounds of music when you can’t stand the silence of the forest anymore – and Kelvin carries it for you.

Where do you find the radio? The radio can be found in Sons of the Forest at various locations on the map. For example, there is a radio in the north-west of the island, in an abandoned camp.

Another radio is on a beach to the west. The radio is there with a corpse and heaps of loot. A visit is therefore definitely worthwhile.

Here you can see the different locations on the map (via where you can find radios and where to find the radio on the beach:

Sons of the Forest: Map with the most important locations

How do you use the radio? There are two ways to listen to the radio in Sons of the Forest. The first is the obvious one: you stand next to a radio you found and listen to the music. Of course you can also change the channel.

However, you can also ask Kelvin to fetch the radio.

How does Kelvin become a DJ? To do this, take the note that you used to send the NPC to fetch wood or catch fish and select the “Fetch” option there as soon as you are near a radio.

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If Kelvin is close enough to the radio, you can select “Get the radio”. Your helpful companion then runs off, gets the radio and carries it on his shoulder. If you also give the command “and follow me”, Kelvin will run after you with the radio on his shoulder.

Find Sons of the Forest: Virginia – How to recruit her companion

If you are also accompanied by Kelvin by Virginia, you will also get to know the musical side of the three-legged NPC lady, who starts to dance when the radio is on.

Unfortunately, it is currently the case that you are not allowed to keep the radio permanently. If you stray too far from where you found the radio, it will despawn.

If you lose Kelvin in addition to the radio, players have found a trick to let the NPC respawn:

Sons of the Forest: Kelvin and Virginia respawn trick – What to do when they’re dead