Flight Simulator: working on sim update 12 and issues with photogrammetry

Flight Simulator: Sim Update 12 gets public beta test

from Thilo Bayer
The weekly developer update for Flight Simulator is mainly about the beta tests for Sim Update 12 and the bugs that still need to be fixed.

The latest developer updates from Asobo and Microsoft are always about Sim Update 12 for Flight Simulator. Also in the latest developer blog the topic is addressed again, and after a long break there are again snapshots of open bugs and community requests.

Snapshots are back

At the beginning of the blog, the developers are happy about the positive reactions to World Update 12, the last Local Legend and the Antonov. Meanwhile, the public test for the upcoming Sim update 12 continues, there are two new game builds from the end of February ( and early March ( Above all, the causes of the crash were fixed, and the live weather was again the focus of efforts. So far, the release of SU12 should continue on March 21st. Walk across the stage. Actually, they wanted to be ready earlier, but the beta tests dragged on longer than originally planned.

It is very exciting that Microsoft and Asobo are finally back feedback snapshots have published the mentioned bug and wish lists. So you can see, among other things, that with Sim-Update 12, among other things, the installation packages and downloads are optimized. There are also improvements in stability and memory management. Helicopters and Live Traffic have also made progress.

The most important open bugs are therefore live weather (several improvements needed), photogrammetry (bridges are improved first) and autopilot problems on Garmin G1000/G3000. It is still being investigated whether there can be APIs for weather and terrain. The replay functionality is already being worked on.

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