Forspoken: The development team at Square Enix is ​​disbanded

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Forspoken has almost never made positive headlines in the past few weeks. Away from the story about why we play the game not tested, the title from Luminous Productions was not convincing in many places. We have already reported on the title’s mediocre ratings. Apparently, Square Enix drew its own conclusions from this result. After all, it was announced on February 28 that the studio for 1st of May merged with Square Enix and dissolved accordingly.

Forspoken and failure

Eurogamer emphasizes that in the press release Forspoken (buy now ) is not addressed. According to the large corporation, the competitiveness of the studios as a whole should be strengthened within the group. One hopes for improvement in the AAA-HD segment in particular. However, that doesn’t mean that work on Forespoken has stopped with immediate effect.

This should only stop with the dissolution of the studio. The DLC “In Tanta We Trust”, which is planned for this summer, should also continue to be released. In addition, Eurogamer emphasizes that the specially developed Luminous Engine does not appear in Square Enix’s announcement either. This was used both for Forspoken and for the development of Final Fantasy 15 used. It remains to be seen what will await us in the future in terms of Forspoken or the engine.

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