FritzOS 7.50: Fritzbox 7510 with major update

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New firmware

AVM continues to work diligently on the distribution of the latest firmware version 7.50: The update is now also available for download for the Fritzbox 7510.


FritzOS: Version 7.50 is now also available for download for the Fritzbox 7510.
FritzOS: Version 7.50 is now also available for download for the Fritzbox 7510.

FritzOS 7.50 has been available for download for individual routers such as the top model Fritzbox 7590 for a few weeks now. Gradually, other models move up: Like manufacturer AVM Twitter announced that the new firmware version is now also available for the Fritzbox 7510. The update should be installed automatically in the next few days, alternatively the process can also be started manually using the “Search for new Fritz!OS” function.

As AVM in the associated Release Notes this via a higher data throughput in the two WLAN frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz, which should also run more stable. For the AVM FritzFon telephone, on the other hand, there is voice control that provides information about calls or calendar entries.

FritzOS 7.50 also has new features for the Fritzbox 7510 with regard to smart home settings. With “Scenarios”, household appliances set up in the home network can automatically carry out preset tasks. In addition, “Routines” introduces a similar function that performs certain actions without prior user input under predetermined conditions.

The look of the user interface also changes with FritzOS 7.50: As AVM explains, the design of the control panel is changed both on the usual website and on the associated smartphone app. The company promises a more comfortable use; the new keyword search within the online help is mentioned here as an example, which enables faster access to instructions and useful tips.

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The news from AVM summarized in one picture.

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