Games as a Service lets even great studios produce garbage – this has to stop!

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On Steam recently the latest official Babylon’s Fall patch notes went online that could hardly be sadder. On the dark gray Steam page, the three words seem abandoned and depressing: “End of service”. With Patch 1.4. So the developers of Platinum Games are closing what is perhaps the most sobering chapter in the studio’s 17-year history.

The offline switching of the servers comes as no surprise. In the Test turned out to be Babylon’s fall last year unfortunately as a listless “Games as a Service” compulsory exercise, with a whole series of shortcomings. And this despite the fact that the studio has developed action hits like Bayonetta, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance or Nier: Automata in the past. It’s not the first time that an experienced games company with a strong CV has implemented a “Games as a Service” product for Square Enix and the quality has fallen well short of the usual quality.

Babylon’s Fall: How Bad Is Platinum’s Online Flop?

Appearance: Marvel’s Avengers

Something similar happened to the developers of Crystal Dynamics a few years ago. After they were able to make a really strong comeback with the reboot trilogy for the Tomb Raider franchise, they should develop a “Games as a Service” title for the Japanese publisher, with which one can ride on the wave of success of the Marvel series. can ride along with movies.

The result was the half-baked Marvel’s Avengers, which while having a well-directed campaign, with plenty of references, details, and playable characters, the work also suffered from tedious missions, lots of recycling, technical quirks, and a half-baked endgame phase, via Square Enix wanted to bind us players to the service for a long time. The attempt flopped. It was followed by Sale of Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group and In September 2023, support for the game is to be finally discontinued.

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