Genshin Impact: New character is really bad, but she was eagerly awaited – “Dehya deserves better”

Genshin Impact: New character is really bad, but she was eagerly awaited - "Dehya deserves better"

In version 3.5, Dehya came as a playable character in Genshin Impact. However, many in the community have expressed disappointment with the character’s abilities.

Who is Dehya? She is a mercenary first encountered as part of the Sumeru Archon quest. Dehya is a badass fighter, but she is also willing to make sacrifices to help others.

Many players were looking forward to the character’s release in version 3.5. However, now that Dehya has arrived in Genshin Impact, numerous fans in the community are expressing disappointment and longing for her skills to be improved.

Here you can see a trailer for the mercenary and her skills:

Genshin Impact: Collected Miscellany – Dehya: “Passion of the Burning Sands”

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“Buff Dehya, please!”

How is the community reacting? Many players are currently complaining about the mercenary in various reddit threads or maybe under that Youtube videoshowing Dehya’s fighting skills:

  • ReineGalena: “I don’t usually care about the meta, but even I can tell it feels clunky. Dehya deserves better”. (via YouTube)
  • Webbed Shadow: Give Dehya a buff, please! Don’t just give her an artifact set later, or release a future character that supports her, we mean you’re actually boosting Dehya’s damage stats!” (via YouTube)
  • nickelflowers: “I agreed, kit of a niche 4 star character, everything else is 5 star level […]“ (via reddit).

What are the criticisms of the community? A lot of criticism is leveled at Dehya. So their attack stats would be pretty low for a 5 star character. And their skills are just below ground.

The main point: Your kit itself is far too weak. There are also criticisms of some of the mechanics of her abilities, such as jumping interrupting her Elemental Burst. In addition, this is too short for some players to do enough damage. In contrast, the cooldown is too long (via reddit).

On top of that comes the automatic execution of the Elemental Burt, which doesn’t sit well with many players and also causes problems with targeting according to some.

Players are now giving feedback to Hoyoverse and hoping for a buff that should make Dehya significantly stronger (via reddit). In addition, the community gives each other some tips on what the best builds and team compositions for Dehya are to get the best out of the character.

The reason why Dehya’s buffs seems to be such a big concern for many is that while Dehya’s combat stats aren’t the best, she’s still quite a popular character in Genshin Impact, as the discussions keep showing through.

Many praise the great character of the figure or like her looks and wish that the mercenary can really shine in battle in the future.

What is Hoyoverse planning for Dehya? So far, there hasn’t been any information on how to proceed further with the figure’s kit. However, one thing is certain: Dehya will be added to the standard banner from version 3.6.

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