GTA 6 or GTA Online? 50 Cent drops mysterious teaser

50 Cent teases something related to GTA: Vice City on Instagram.

50 cents aka Curtis Jackson keeps the world in suspense. It’s enough, just a little GTA logo to post with “Vice City” lettering. There is only the note that an explanation will follow later and that it is greater than “Power”. Now, of course, the big mystery begins.

Did 50 Cent tease GTA 6 or something else?

That’s what it’s about: It’s just one GTA Vice Citylettering with a pink and white background and a palm tree. Not more. This is what the post from rapper, actor and business person 50 Cent looks like:

©Screenshot: 50 Cent on Instagram

This is what he writes about it: It’s not much that 50 Cent tells us about. Actually, there are no real comments, apart from some emoji and a hint that he will “explain that later”. But this thing is “bigger than power”, we can believe him.

What is power? “Power” is a fairly hit TV series that 50 Cent co-produced. He also plays one of the main roles in the Starz series as an actor. After six seasons with 63 episodes it was over.

Is this about GTA 6? Of course we don’t know what’s behind it, but the possibilities are manifold.

  • GTA 6 teasers? 50 Cent may be teaming up with Rockstar for one of the most anticipated games ever. Be it with music on the soundtrack, as a DJ at a radio station or something else.
  • Appearance in GTA Online? Similar such as dr. dr 50 Cent could also get his own story expansion within “GTA Online” in which he plays himself.
  • GTA becomes a series? The reference to “Power” could mean that we are dealing with some kind of film adaptation of “GTA Vice City”. Anyway The Last of Us is breaking records.
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There Miami aka Vice City through leaks already more or less than that Location of GTA 6 was confirmed, the first variant may even seem the most realistic. But when GTA 6 comesis currently still in the stars.

What do you think is behind it? What is 50 Cent teasing here?