Hi-Fi RUSH: Update brings fan-favorite photo mode to the game

Hi-Fi RUSH (Action-Adventure) von Bethesda Softworks

While publisher Bethesda is still thanking the two million players that surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush has meanwhile registered, developer Tango Gameworks is just giving the title an update.

This brings the photo mode, which is popular in the community and also introduced in many other titles such as God of War Ragnark, into the game. If you have an artistic disposition or simply want to capture your most exciting game moments for posterity, you no longer have to rely on simple screenshots in Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush: Photo mode with frames, filters and more is coming in the update

The latest update for Hi-Fi Rush, which brings Photo Mode to PC and Xbox, is now available to download. To take a few snapshots straight away, simply press pause. You can then photograph Chai and his companions from every imaginable angle before you get the perfect shot.

You can move all the characters freely and force him into some crazy positions. In addition, you can choose from various frames, filters and effects for the camera, which you can use to provide a more personal touch. The best thing to do is to try yourself behind the lens and test your way through each possibility before filling your gallery with your artistic creations.

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On top of that, the update for Hi-Fi Rush offers a variety of other improvements. For example, adjustments were made to the stick and trigger dead zones, the first boss was straightened out a bit, and various fixes, which you can find out more about in the official patch notes explained be played.

Bethesda thanks 2 million players

Although the wild mix of rhythm game and action RPG is only a few weeks old with a release out of the blue in January this year, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda can book massive successes. For this reason, thanks were given for reaching two million players who gave the surprise hit a chance and made it what it is:

us too Surprised Hi-Fi Rush extremely positively in our detailed test. If you haven’t checked it out yourself yet, you can do so easily, as the title happens to be part of the Xbox Game Pass. Despite this fact Hi-Fi Rush outsold Square Enix’s last blockbuster, Forspoken.