Hogwarts Legacy: Fan builds a cute corner in the Room of Requirement for house elf Deek

Hogwarts Legacy: Fan builds a cute corner in the Room of Requirement for house elf Deek

deek is in Hogwarts legacy the house-elf from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and helps the players, the room of desires build up. In order to unlock, equip and expand the Room of Requirement, certain conditions must be met. reveals what those are our guide.

A fan probably wanted to show Deek some thanks and, with the help of the Furniturewhich for example can be found in chests in and around Hogwarts or bought in shops, built a little corner for the house-elf.

Hogwarts Legacy: Room of Requirement is a retreat for Deek

The picture shows the corner where Deek can make himself comfortable. He has a little one Deskone seating area and even one small table next to one Christmas tree. The couch is hidden behind a small paravan that serves as a privacy screen:

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The size of the furniture was extra for the height of the house-elf adjusted. The furniture can be enlarged or shrunk as desired using the arrow keys.

In the comments, the fan reveals a particularly sweet detail: he has one urn placed so that the house-elf can have his deceased friend close by.

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Deek usually runs in the room of desires around and cleans the room, for example. The corner should serve as a thank you to Deek as a place to relax, but really use it Unfortunately, the NPC cannot do this corner. The most that could happen is that his pre-determined running route leads through the living area by accident.

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In addition to the Room of Requirement, the “Hogwarts Legacy” player also plans the vivariums adjusted to suit Deek should he ever stray there. The vivariums serve the captured animals as a home and can also be decorated.

If you get stuck elsewhere in Hogwarts Legacy, don’t worry. In our guide list should be the right solution for you.