Hogwarts Legacy: (GPU) clear shader cache for problems with Geforce graphics cards

Hogwarts Legacy: Developer hints at DLCs

from Rhonda Bachman
Hogwarts Legacy players are still waiting for a game-ready driver from Nvidia. Publisher Warner recommends the latest Geforce drivers, even if they can apparently cause problems. Instructions for deleting the shader cache have now been published for this case.

The magic adventure Hogwarts Legacy has been officially available since February 10th. Despite this, there is still no game-ready driver from Nvidia for the popular title. Publisher Warner always recommends the latest Geforce drivers. But apparently there can be problems with this. A tutorial for deleting and emptying the shader cache has now been published on the Hogwarts Legacy help pages.

Clearing the cache should help with possible problems

Should after installing an Nvidia driver when playing Hogwarts Legacy

To do this, open the Nvidia control panel and disable the shader cache in the 3D settings. The changes must be saved and accepted. After that, the PC will restart. All items in the Nvidia folder must be deleted in both the DXCache and GLCache folders. The Nvidia Corporation folder must then be found in the Temp folder. In this folder, all elements must also be deleted in the NV_Cache folder. The shader cache can then be reactivated in the Nvidia control panel and the PC restarted.

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Last weekend, the developers of Hogwarts Legacy released a new update intended to improve performance. This should fix issues with overall gameplay performance, stability, and online connectivity. In addition, there were other bug fixes to the user interface, the cinematics or the saved games.

Source: Portkey Games