Hogwarts Legacy: These snazzy controllers represent your schoolhouse, but they also break your bank account

The Slytherin controller shows very well how detailed the prints are

The Slytherin controller shows very well how detailed the prints are

Potterheads have had a question of faith since the first book in the series: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Hogwarts Legacy gives us a choice in that we can sort ourselves where we want and not have to hope for the leathery, patched-up sorting hat.

We can now also show our decision to the outside world. The controller manufacturer Dream Controller offers four gamepads in unique designs. For their prices, you might as well buy an Xbox Elite Series 2. And two additional standard controllers.

Four designs to suit every home

Dream Controller specializes in the modification of Xbox controllers and Nintendo accessories and is based on well-known brands and game series. Be it Naruto, Dragon Ball, Resident Evil or recently Hogwarts Legacy.

In particular, these are specially designed designs with the logos and colors of the four Hogwarts houses. Ravenclaw is symbolized with a raven over a Hogwarts silhouette, Gryffindor with a shadowy lion, Hufflepuff with the badger as heraldic animal on a yellow background, and Slytherin with a three-dimensional snake.

The models look like this:

Incidentally, the house crests are not the originals from the game, which have been greatly simplified compared to the films. Instead, fan creations, which can often be found on wiki pages or self-made merchandise, serve as inspiration.

It is printed using the so-called water transfer process, which is intended to ensure long-lasting, radiant colors.

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As expensive as the most luxurious pro controllers

Although the manufacturer is currently running a sale, the $120 Hogwarts Legacy controllers are prohibitively expensive. In addition, there is almost $60 shipping to Germany and an import sales tax of 19 percent. So if you order one of the controllers in the basic version, the equivalent of 200 euros will be charged.

With a motif on both sides, the costs rise to a total of 230 euros, a modded gaming device comes to 235 euros if only one side has the unique design. If the back is also printed, it even comes up 260 euros.

What does ‘modded’ mean? In the FAQs Dream Controller speaks of a chip modification that should give you advantages after entering a key combination. Including a rapid fire function or an additional assist when aiming.

Does that contradict that Xbox Live Terms of Service? But something! If you are caught playing an online game with appropriate mods, your profile or even the entire console may be banned from Xbox Live. We therefore logically advise against using modified controllers.

Anyway, you’d have to be absolute Hogwarts Legacy fans to consider buying the Dream controllers. For the same amount, you can also grab Microsoft’s official Elite gamepad, which offers a much wider range of functions.

Have you ever used a custom controller? If yes, which one?