Home tricks that work to remove scratches from the car

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Scratches and dents are inevitable and that’s a given. As much as you try to avoid them in your beloved vehicle, at least you get the odd little scratch.

It could be that kid who accidentally ran his bike into your car or another car that rear-ended you at a red light. However, You don’t have to go to the workshop for every slight scratch your car hasthere is homemade tricks for this.

A group of these scratches in the same area it does look bad on your impressive car. And the worst thing about leaving these scratches untreated is that sometimes they can rust, which is not easy to fix, especially at home.

If you are one of those people who have suffered a scratch on their vehicle and want to try to fix it at home while spending as little as possible, try our home tricks to remove scratches.

1º Adhesive tape

Yes, duct tape. This remedy works well for scratches of shorter length that are not too deep.. You just have to get a masking tape in the same color as the paint on your car.

This shouldn’t be a problem, as duct tape is available in different shades today. However, you will need to make sure that you get a very close shade. Next, you’ll want to apply the tape as evenly as possible over the scratch. Do your best to avoid folds and small air pockets.

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2nd toothpaste

we know it is one of the most common tips on the internet. But it works. Just like duct tape, toothpaste is also quite a handy and useful household item when it comes to removing scratches from objects like DVDs, CDs, and tablet, phone, and laptop screens.

The magic lies in its abrasive properties. The abrasive property helps smooth the surface, which helps reduce the visibility of the scratch. However, if it is a very deep scratch, you will not be able to completely smooth it out. But, it will help to make it less noticeable.

boot dressing

3º Shoe polish for boots

Just like toothpaste and duct tape, shoe polish can also come in handy at least with scratches on your car. However, andThis product only works well on cars painted in dark colors.

However, some brands offer lighter shades, such as cream or tan. You just have to find a shade that matches the color of your car. Next, you have to wash the car. Now you can dab some shoe polish over the scratch and you’ll be glad to see it fade away.

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4º Nail polish

Nail polish, also known as nail paint, is available in hundreds of colors and is often very well priced (in case you want to buy one exactly the color of your car).

Another advantage is that it comes with an application brush that can help you cover the scratch as precisely as possible.. However, you have to be careful with one thing. Many nail paints give a very different shade after complete drying. So you will have to do a test before.

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motorrevive spray

5º Spray paint

There is special spray paint for cars. It can be used in place of professional paint and is quite easy to use. It is also available in different colors and at a fairly affordable price. This remedy is homemade because you can do it at home, exactly.

Spray paint is an excellent option when your car has multiple scratches and there is a fairly large area that needs to be concealed. However, make sure the color is exactly the same Or at least very similar.

For this scratch removal trick you will need some preparation. First you will have to clean the surface well and then sand it with fine sandpaper. You can then spray paint the area. You will then need to clear coat followed by waxing to give it a smooth look.