How to use the rope gun in Sons of the Forest? Zip line made easy (Solution)

How to use the rope gun in Sons of the Forest?  Zip line made easy (Solution)

There are quite a few items in Sons of the Forestthat you absolutely want to have. One of them is the extremely useful one rope gun, with which you can overcome chasms and thus reach new places. Definitely very practical, but the question remains: how exactly can I do it now Create zip lines with the rope gun?

Sons of the Forest: Find and use the rope gun, that’s how it works

The best weapons and the most useful items in Sons of the Forest are all hidden somewhere and before you can find them you often need another tool to reach them. Often the requirement is the rope gun that you use Tighten zip lines and finally cross chasms can.

The extremely useful piece of equipment is therefore extremely important, since without it you will never the end of the story can reach and is stuck on the spooky island forever. That’s why we have you in the guide Find Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest – Location & Map also described exactly where you have to look for this good piece.

And now? So you’ve got the rope gun in your hands… and what should you do with it now?? A perfectly valid question, after all Sons of the Forest not so good at explaining every single step to you in detail, which is why quite a few players* are a bit puzzled and stare at their tools in disbelief.

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But don’t worry, what may seem complicated at first is actually quite simple. that you slide along existing ziplines can should be self-explanatory, but you can too build your own zip lineswhich opens up whole new avenues for you and allows you to reach really important gear.

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Sons of the Forest: How to build zipline ropes

In order to be able to build such ziplines, you need ropes and hookswho finally ye to zipline ropes combined. Luckily, you can find ropes pretty much everywhere: in boxes near the crash site, in enemy camps, in caves, on the edge of cliffs, on the beach, and pretty much everywhere else. You just have to keep your eyes open.

Hooks are not that easy to get for this, you have to get them produce and for that you need every time 100 ml printer resin. You need the resource for your 3D printer and accordingly you will find them next to such printers. search for it bunkers up and take a good look around.

If you don’t need that many ziplines and you don’t feel like scouring the whole island for ropes and printer resin, you can also get the necessary zipline ropes find in the world. This Rope Pistol Ropes are located in different places on the map, but mostly in rocky regions and on the mountain.

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Sons of the Forest: How to Use the Zipline Ropes

You have the rope gun and the zipline ropes in your inventory? Good. Then go to the position where you build a zipline want and make sure that your position is higher than the targetbecause the ziplines are a one-way means of transportation that takes you from an elevated position to a place below.

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Load your rope gun with a zipline rope and fires at the starting pointthen on the endpoint. If in doubt, you can get a few wooden walls build to attach these ends of the rope to it. The distance is not irrelevant, because the ropes are finite, but they have a handsome lengthwhich should be enough for most abysses.

Now all you have to do is hang onto the rope and enjoy the short ride. You now have a convenient passage into a new area, one quick escape route or one useful abbreviation. Whatever you decide to use the rope gun for, it will surely serve you well and make life in Sons of the Forest easier.