John Wick director: Stream action blockbusters with Brad Pitt starting today

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Brad Pitt will be this year 60 years old. That in itself is not an extraordinary thing. People are turning 60 all the time. But who the Hollywood star on July 19, 2022 during the European premiere of his new blockbuster im Zoo Palace in Berlin witnessed live up close, he has to admit that Brad Pitt doesn’t look 60 years old. Although nothing seems to have been ironed out about him, see Brad Pitt doesn’t even look like 50. The legendary actor (Legends of Passion, Seven Years in Tibet) is bursting with energy, appears fit and the mischievous youthful smile certainly does its part to ensure that this 60-year-old is still 20 years younger acts as the author of these lines feels on a Monday morning.

Brad Pitt is set to star in John Wick director David Leitch’s film

This is likely also with his main role in Action blockbuster Bullet Train related. When you’re shooting an action movie with David Leitch, the director of John Wick, you probably have no choice but to show up on set in top shape and fit. This effort should have been worth it.

Bullet Train proved a hit with critics and audiences alike. The action comedy in which Brad Pitt beaten through a Japanese high-speed train with a horde of killers, was also able to place at the top of the cinema charts worldwide.

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Brad Pitt blockbusters available to stream now

Almost half a year later to the day, Bullet Train is now available for streaming. The action blockbuster with Brad Pitt has one on Rotten Tomatoes Audience score of 76 percent. If you’re even remotely into perfectly choreographed, innovative action without too much CGI frills, Bullet Train will give you two entertaining hours.