Minecraft: Update 1.20 is now called Trails and Tales

Minecraft: Receives archeology feature in update 1.20 after two years

from Rhonda Bachman
Mojang developers have been preparing the upcoming 1.20 update for the popular block game Minecraft for some time. Now the next update for the title has finally got an official name: “Trails & Tales”.

The developers at Mojang have finally given the upcoming update for Minecraft a thematically appropriate name. The upcoming update was previously known as update 1.20, now it is called “Trails & Tales”. The name was announced in the new Minecraft Monthly news show, which can be viewed on the official YouTube channel. Some features of Trails & Tales can already be tested, the official launch is scheduled for later in the year.

Trails & Tales aims to focus on self-expression and creativity

According to the developers, previous updates of Minecraft

Update 1.20 is intended to focus on self-expression, specifically self-expression through representation, storytelling, and world building. There are also some new functions that can already be tried out in the Bedrock betas and previews as well as in the Java snapshots. Among other things, a cherry blossom biome will be added to Minecraft, where pigs, sheep and bees can be found. There will also be the new snoop mob and camels.

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Also will finally introduced the archeology announced two years ago. Players can find suspicious sand near desert temples and wells if they dig long enough. With the new brush tool, the treasures are then uncovered, which can be bones, eggs, tools or potsherds, among other things. The shards contain different patterns and can be put together with four potsherds to form a pot.

Source: Minecraft, Eurogamer