Minecraft’s next major update is officially named: Trails & Tales

Minecraft's next major update is officially named: Trails & Tales

The developer studio Mojang has finally given the next big update for Minecraft a name: Trails & Tales.

This name is meant to represent the journey Minecraft takes you on and the unique stories each of you brings with you along the way. The update focuses on you expressing yourself through visuals, storytelling, and worldmaking.

New name, known features

So even though the name Trails & Tales is new, the details of the update’s new features are already known.

For example, you can expect a new cherry blossom biome housing pigs, sheep, and bees. In addition, the long-promised archeology system is finally being introduced to Minecraft.

More news about Minecraft:

This was originally planned as part of the 2021 Caves & Cliffs update, but is now coming alongside the new sniffer mob, camels, bamboo rafts, and customizable armor.

All of these new features are currently available as part of Minecraft’s Bedrock betas and previews and Java Snapshots. An exact release date for Trails & Tales on all platforms has not yet been set. But you can expect it later this year.


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