One Piece anime pauses and says goodbye with teaser

One Piece Anime Break - Luffy and Momonosuke

The anime adaptation of the pirate saga one piece breaks down Episode 1.053 with their weekly broadcast rhythm and takes a break from broadcasting.

But don’t worry: Straw Hat fans don’t have to wait too long. As usual, the goodbye is accompanied by anticipation Preview teaser stoked.

Two-week break: One Piece says goodbye until March 19th

Fortunately, the upcoming break in transmission will not be followed by a new one Case of illness of the creator Eiichiro Oda back, but to a major sporting event: On Sunday, March 5th, the Tokyo Marathon 2023in which runners from all over the world take part.

Since the event will be broadcast across multiple television channels, One Piece is on hiatus to avoid clashing with broadcast dates. A similar solution drove during this year’s super bowl also the team behind the series too The Last of Us on.

The battle for Wano will therefore only begin on 19th March continued again. Above all, fans of the Kid Pirates can be happy, because the preview teaser indicates an imminent one Climax in the showdown between Captain Eustass Kid and Killer versus Yonko Big Mom and Basil Hawkins.

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If you share your knowledge of the character killer want to refresh, you will find here an in-depth article on the masked man at Kid’s side, who the trailer says will star in the upcoming episode 1,054.

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If you still don’t want to miss “One Piece” for the next two weeks and maybe fancy an acoustic change, you can join ProSieben Maxx find it. There have been running since February new episodes in German synchro.

Computer game fans of classic turn-based combat systems, on the other hand, will find something One Piece: Odyssey an exciting one Supplement to the series.

But enough of our recommendations. How are you? Which anime or manga is very popular with you right now? What are you going to watch, play or read to get through the One Piece dry spell? Write us your tips in the comments!