Pax Dei: don’t forget! Sign up for the alpha of the fancy sandbox MMO!

The further you get from the heartland, the more dangerous the wilderness becomes.

from Susan Brown
At the beginning of March 2023, the developers of Mainframe Industries unveiled their current social sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei, which features an extensive crafting system, exploration of a mysterious world, housing and stunning Unreal Engine 5 graphics. Do you want to take a look at that too? Then don’t miss the registration for an alpha participation!

The developers of Finland-based studio Mainframe Industries just announced their current project, the social sandbox MMO, on March 1st, 2023. People want to delight you not only with great graphics (thanks to Unreal Engine 5), but also with a full crafting system, with an intuitive building system, with exploring the dangerous world beyond the borders of the heartland and more.

They have already shown us a few excerpts of it, which at first glance suggest it, that the look and feel are a bit based on the Amazon MMO New World, but Pax Dei has a lot more to offer despite not having an explicit PvP focus. In any case, from what we’ve been able to see of the sandbox online role-playing game so far, looks curious for more! And that’s why we want to point out once again that you can register for the Alpha of Pax Dei!

Register for the Pax Dei Alpha

Registration for upcoming playtests of the online role-playing game is a bit more extensive. Just visit them Pax Dei website and click on Alpha Sign-Up. You will then receive an email to the email address you provided. Click on the link that will take you back to the Pax Dei website so you can accept the Terms of Use and set a password for your account. Then enter some more data and then log into the newly created account.

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