Pokémon GO brings monsters that trainers have been waiting for for 3 years – nerf it immediately

Pokémon GO brings monsters that trainers have been waiting for for 3 years - nerf it immediately

Pokémon GO released the new monster Resladero, but not everywhere. And even as it landed in the game, it was immediately nerfed.

What is this Pokemon? Resladero is one of the sixth generation Pokémon that has been missing from Pokémon GO. It’s a fight and flight type monster whose appearance and naming are based on Mexican wrestling, “Lucha Libre”. In English the bird is called “Hawlucha”.

Coaches have been waiting for Resladero for a long time. His typical attack “Flying Press” landed in the game as early as 2020, but was then assigned to the wrestler Pikachu for the first time. Even then, trainers noted that it could become one of the best fighting-type Pokémon (via reddit) and the wait began. Dataminer then found data about Resladero in the game in 2021, but this has not been used – until now.

However, Resladero does not end up with all coaches.

Resladero only appears in Mexico for now – but gets weaker moves

How do you get Resladero? The new Pokémon was introduced at the start of the new season “Rising Heroes”, but as a regional monster.

According to the current status, it should only appear in Mexico, although some trainers have already found it in the USA near the border with Mexico, for example in the place “Chula Vista” (via reddit). This has also happened with other regional Pokémon, that the borders are rather fluid. In addition, new research was also activated in Mexico on the occasion of the release.

What’s behind the nerf? The fact that Resladero appears as a regional Pokémon first caused concern for some trainers – because it was considered a very strong monster for the PvP league.

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“This is going to shake up the meta in PvP, and it’s regional,” wrote a user on the Pokémon GO subreddit “TheSilphRoad” about the release, and received some encouragement (via reddit). So it would be strong against popular monsters like Registeel, Galar Flunschlik, Trombork, Sumpex and many other favorites (via reddit). The fact that such a monster is published regionally annoyed some.

But Niantic made a change almost immediately. For example, Resladero’s Wing Strike and Sky Sweep attacks have been removed from the move pool, and it now learns Aero Ace instead. Corresponding information was shared by the data miners from the Pokeminers:

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This makes the monser directly less dangerous for PvP:

  • “And suddenly it stings a lot less,” comments user Mettbr0etchen (via reddit).
  • “So they got the thing done before it was even born,” says another (via reddit).
  • “That’s cool and all, but I’d rather it wasn’t regional” (via reddit).

At the same time, however, a few players are also annoyed who think that a strong, special Pokémon would be much less interesting. As a result, the special thing about Resladero is almost completely gone.

With the new season comes some new content and events for Pokémon GO. For example, the Pokémon Greedy Specter was introduced at the start, which can only be obtained via a connection to the Nintendo Switch. Here too there is a “special” type of release.

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What do you think of regional Pokémon like Resladero? Does it motivate you to try to get them somehow – through travel or trading with other players? Or do you find it rather annoying not to get the monster directly in the area?

Tell us in the comments!