Pokémon GO: Festival of Colors event brings 2 new Pokémon and limited-time Shiny

Pokemon GO Mega Meditalis

The Color Festival event starts on March 8, 2023 in Pokémon GO. It brings 2 new Pokemon into play. There are also chances of a shiny that disappears again after the event. We show you all bonuses.

What is this event? The Color Festival is a recurring event in Pokémon GO that also ran in 2022. Last year’s Holi event brought a new Gen 7 Pokémon. This time, Mega Meditalis and Gnarl make their debuts in the game and you can catch them.

You also have the chance to get Shiny Farbeagle, but only for a short time. In the overview we show you all times and content.

Color Festival 2023 in Pokémon GO – Start, Bonuses, Shinys and Releases

When is the start and end? Color Festival 2023 begins Wednesday, March 8, at 10:00 a.m. local time. It will then be active until Tuesday March 14, ending at 8:00 p.m.

What new Pokémon releases are there? Mega Meditalis and Gnarl are the two new Pokémon that will be activated for the first time in Pokémon GO for the event.

Mega Meditalis can be found in Mega Raids. The dazzling version will also be activated.

Knirfish initially appears without a shiny version. You can find it during events in the wild and in raids.

What bonuses are there?

  • A “Colorful Surprise” should await you at PokéStops
  • Lure Modules that you activate during the event will last for 3 hours
  • You can complete a Collector’s Challenge that will reward you with 20,000 XP and a Lure Module
  • Friendship levels increase twice as fast
  • Color eagles appear in snapshots
    • If you are lucky, you can meet dazzling colored eagles. However, color eagles only appear to a limited extent through snapshots per day.
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Niantic explains that dazzling color eagles will no longer appear after the event. There should be a chance to meet them again in future events.

Pokémon in the wild and in research: In the wilderness during the Color Festival 2023 you will encounter:

  • paras*
  • crab*
  • smogon*
  • nature*
  • Where exactly*
  • pottrot*
  • wingull*
  • Burmy (Plant Cloak)*
  • Burmy (Sand Cape)*
  • Burmy (rag cloak)*
  • skunk poo
  • Gingerfish
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll meet Schlurp* and Galarian Zigzachs*

Pokemon with a star

are marked, you can hit with luck as Shiny.

  • If you complete field research, which you will receive during the event, then you can encounter the following Pokémon there:
  • Alolan Slime*
  • Formeo*
  • Formeo (sun form)*
  • Formeo (rain form)*
  • Formeo (snow form)*
  • Burmy (Plant Cloak)*
  • Burmy (Sand Cape)*
  • Burmy (rag cloak)*
  • Choreogel (Flamenco style)
  • Choreogel (cheerleading style)
  • Choreogel (Hula Style)
  • Choreogel (buyo style)
(With Choreogel, it depends on the catch region in which style you hit it) choreogel
region Flamenco style
Middle East &
Africa cheerleading style
America Hula style
on African,
pacific &
caribbean islands Buyo style

Asia Pacific

  • Raids:
  • In Tier 1 Raids, you can fight Psiau*, Wuffels*, Garstella, and Knirfish
  • In Tier 3 Raids, you can fight Kokowei, Alolan Kokowei*, Frigometri, and Shardrago*
  • In Legendary Raids you will meet Ho-Oh*

Mega Meditalis* awaits you in Mega Raids Avatar Pose:

At the start of the event and afterwards, you can find the “Color Throwing Pose” in the Pokémon GO shop. Your character picks up colored dust and throws it in the air. A colorful cloud then forms briefly there.

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